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Upload the material through the upload you see below. The files to be sent must be in ZIP or RAR format, separating well the type of material by making a file for the texts, one for the photos and one for the videos. The file name of each must be composed as follows: nordine-typematerial.rar or norder-typematerial.zip.

  • norder: is the order number you received after the subscription purchase phase.
  • typematerial: specify whether text, photo or video

(Ex. 12345678-text.rar – 12345678-photo.rar – 12345678-video.rar)

If the uploaded files do not have this required feature they will not be recognizable and therefore not imputed  to any order or subscriber, therefore they will be deleted. If you do not receive a confirmation email from the Riponline.it staff, within 2 days from the uploading of the files, it means that there have been errors in the upload. In this case, please contact us on info@riponline.it  putting your order number as the object of the message and asking for confirmation of receipt of the uploaded material. This can happen especially if the file does not have the order number and therefore is difficult to identify, with obvious impossibility of warning the customer.

If you do not  have the material ready to be loaded yet, click on the “Load later” button

Se non avete ancora pronto il materiale da caricare cliccate sul bottone qui sotto  “Carico in un secondo momento” 

For any explanation, in order to avoid such errors, we will be happy to be contacted.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Upload files

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