This is a complete subscription which allows, the online presence of the deceased person, through a dedicated web page, which will have:

  • A personalized link with the name of the deceased of the type “https://riponline.it/name surname.
  • the photo of the deceased at the top of the page accompanied by the dates (birth and death) and the name.
  • the text of a length of an A4 page or Word page provided by the customer.
  • a photo gallery of up to 50 photos to browse and see
  • One or more videos for a total of 10 min. (E.g., 1 of 10 min. or 2 of 5 min. or 4 of 2.5 min.).

The text will describe the deceased loved one or simply contain dedications, such as: poems, thoughts and phrases. You can describe some moments of the deceased loved one when he was still alive or insert thoughts of relatives addressed to the deceased etc.

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