to relive his memories



A QR code that will make you remember, through your smartphone, the past life of the one who has now gone to better life.

By applying the plate in ceramic with the QR code, which we provide, on the tombstone of the deceased loved one, you will give visitors the opportunity to remember his memories. The visitor, by scanning the QR code with his smartphone camera, will be connected to the web page of the deceased where he can browse, among photos, videos and texts, the memories of the beloved one. It will be very nice to be able to bring his memories back to life, to browse on his smartphone what was once his loved one.

On the tombstone, apart from a few small sentences, we cannot write anything else, it is very reductive, and we cannot express all the good memories we have of the one who now rests in peace. The tombstones at the cemetery, for obvious reasons, are almost all the same, and do not say much about the beloved one just a photo or some very small statue that make it a little more ours. Those who want to customize it and differentiate it from the others will have to bear very high costs as it would be masonry works (Statues, personalized sculptures, etc.).

From today we think riponline.it with the Qr code, a personalized code that is unique, will allow you, your relatives and friends to be able to see the memories of the loved one who has now disappeared. We no longer need to make the tombstones speak, with the QR code of Riponline.it we can customize as we want the memories of the beloved one with reduced costs.

A page entirely dedicated where we can insert photos, videos, leave poems or verses or even better write sentences, which instead of leaving them in our memories, are brought to everyone’s knowledge.

It would be a great emotion for distant relatives to be able to see, without necessarily being at the cemetery, the memories of the one who is no longer there, to know his last wishes, to read verses dedicated to him/ her. The QR code that is applied on the tombstone is nothing more than a link that takes us back to a personalized web page. This link, therefore, could also protected by password communicated to anyone we want, precisely to the most distant relatives.  
With the QR code of Riponline.it you will show relatives, friends or acquaintances, the memories of your beloved one.

A flower withers, a photo creases but on Riponline.it a life does not end!

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