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Terms and conditions

General conditions of sale

These General Conditions will govern all of sales owned by Roberto Peria’s company “”, with registered office in Via Spalti, 45 Trapani (hereafter Seller) and the buyer (hereafter Customer). Any modification to these Conditions will result in the Seller sending a copy to the Customer’s e-mail address. sells services in the form of a subscription and ceramic plate with a QR-code printed. These Conditions repeal and replace, as far as reason, any previous written or verbal agreement between the parties regarding the sale of the subscription and the plate with the QR-code.
By purchasing one of the products in the cart, the Customer will receive a service, depending on the type chosen, explained on the project page.

Validity of the contract
The order is considered confirmed, and the sales contract perfected when the Customer who has chosen the type of subscription, through the shopping cart of, pays the relative sum in the following ways: PayPal, cash or bank transfer.
It is specified that this contract is sent in copy to the Customer of, after he has registered on the site. It goes without saying that once the sum relating to the type of subscription subscribed has been paid, this contract will automatically be considered valid even if not signed by the Customer.
This contract will end when the Customer no longer intends to renew the subscription on

Given the beginning of the contract, the Seller will take care of the delivery of the plate to the Customer’s home. Delivery terms run from the date of receipt of the amount due for the subscription. Once the contract has been confirmed, therefore, the Customer will receive at home, by traditional mail, the ceramic plate of 6 cm for side, to be applied on the tombstone of the deceased, while by e-mail he will receive, in vector and JPG format, the image of the QR-code, useful for the printing of thank you cards or to send it to distant relatives.
The Seller assumes no responsibility for any delays attributable to the carrier or to third parties in general. The Seller must be exempt from claims for compensation by the Customer for the delayed delivery of the goods, attributable to the Customer or to third parties.
It is also the Seller’s right to delay delivery upon the occurrence of events such as, by way of example, strikes or other related events, natural disasters, socio-political events, national alert.
If the Customer refuses for any reason the taking over of the plate, the Seller, after the term of 15 days from the date of delivery, without the need for further notices will have the right to issue an invoice for the plate, returning the rest of the amount paid for the purchase of the subscription.
The shipping costs for the plate are charged to the Customer and included in the fee of the first year of subscription.

Warranties and claims
The Seller guarantees that the products are free from manufacturing defects and comply with the indications resulting in the order; the guarantee does not extend to shortages, irregularities of packaging, which fall within the tolerances of use in time and place of delivery to the carrier or shipper. Likewise, the warranty does not extend to defects due to tampering or improper use of the products themselves.
Any complaints for shortages or apparent damages from the external examination of the package must be raised under penalty of forfeiture upon receipt, by means of a signed annotation on the transport or delivery documentation. Any complaints for defects, failures and shortages not apparent from the external examination of the package, must be raised, under penalty of forfeiture, within 8 days of delivery by registered letter or certified PEC mail.
The Customer is required to verify, before use, the characteristics of the plate as well as its suitability for the use for which it is intended, and this by performing the normal checks of external characters, composition, technical requirements. Complaints for “hidden defects” must be notified to the Seller, under penalty of forfeiture, within 8 days of delivery by registered letter, e-mail or certified pec e-mail.
If the plate with the QR-code glued on the tombstone is  vandalized or even stolen, the Customer may request a copy with expenses at his expense including shipping costs. The Seller cannot be held responsible for acts external to its activity. The warranty of the plate is valid for 5 years. If it is deteriorated by time and therefore illegible before 5 years, the Customer may request a copy at the expense of the Seller, after the latter has received the old unusable plate sent by the Customer with the shipping costs charged.

There are three types of subscriptions:

To know the details of the various subscriptions we refer you must connect through the links of the various pages.
The 365-day subscription begins from the date of publication of the page. Every subscription provides for an initial fee and subsequent maintenance fees.

The initial fee includes:

  • Subscription to the first year.
  • the creation of the page and put online.
  • sending the aluminum adhesive plate with the QR-code pre-printed.

The maintenance includes:

  • maintenance;
  • the correction of any spelling or graphic errors.
  • adding or removing texts, images, and videos.

The maintenance does not provide for major changes to the page, which are not spelling or graphic errors, where you must estimate an expense.
For the following years the fee must be paid before the deadline, in the manner defined by the Seller. The customer can pay several years at the same time.
Failure to comply with the agreed payment deadline will result in the automatic forfeiture of the subscription.
Every 90, 60 and 30 days from the expiry of the subscription, the customer will be invited, with an email message, to the renewal, and finally in case of further non-payment, on the day of expiration, the Customer will receive a notice that the page is in an off-line state, waiting for a rethink for a possible renewal.     A final notice, after a further 30 days (120 days from the first), will be sent to the Client who is made aware that the page with all its contents, have been definitively deleted and this contract concluded.
In case of early termination of the contract by the Customer, for reasons not attributable to the Seller, this cannot take place before the annual deadline. E.g., if 6 months before the expiry of the subscription the Customer intends to terminate the contract, this will not result in a refund of the remaining months.
Without prejudice to any right and action regarding compensation for damages, the Seller will have the right to suspend the execution of the subscription at any time and without notice.

Creating the page
The creation of the page and the start of the service will take place when the Seller has received all the information necessary to proceed, specifically you will be asked to fill out a form with the Customer’s data, his kinship, the data of the deceased person and the necessary material, the latter through the file upload page.  The  Customer must send us the material  in the quantity defined by the type of contract (Text, Image or Full). If the Seller receives material in a higher quantity than the subscription purchased, he will contact the Customer to propose a higher subscription or a personalized quote or to decide what to include on the page. If, on the other hand, the material is less than the necessary amount for the subscription, the process of creating the page will be started until it is put online, waiting for further material to be added.
During the process of creating the page, the page will be offline.
The pages published online can be free (visible to all) or protected (visible through a password). The password, at the specific request of the Customer, is necessary in order to protect the contents, will be communicated to the Customer who can disclose it to who the customer prefers.
When the page is online, every content is visible to any user who browses the internet. Therefore, the contents provided by the Customer (texts, images, videos, PDFs, etc.) to the Seller, are delivered under the responsibility of the Customer, even if the page is protected by a password.  For all the material (texts, videos images, PDFs, etc.)   that are sent to us by the Customer, the latter simultaneously issues its authorization to publish. The Seller dispenses from any responsibility for the content inserted in the personalized page to. The page will be published on the total responsibility of the Customer. The Customer who forwards us the materials in question assumes full civil and penal liability for its work. undertakes to provide the utmost care but cannot offer any guarantee (express or implied) regarding the accuracy of the contents, their completeness, legality and reliability. If the authors and / or owners of the photographic and audiovisual materials included in the page, report to us that they are protected by copyright, in no way will be attributable to us any violation of Copyright. The Seller, however, has the right to judge whether the material is suitable for publication  (images, texts and videos),  so that  it isnot  suitable for   publication. These must not be of the type: which incites violence, naked or pornographic, that in any way are discriminatory or likely to undermine the honesty of the person.

Protection of personal data
Within the framework of these General Conditions and for the execution of the activities related to it, each party may come into possession and consequently process personal data relating to the other party. Pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Code regarding the protection of personal data, hereafter “Code”), the parties undertake to process such data according to principles of correctness, lawfulness and relevance, in full compliance with the provisions and obligations provided for by the Code, with particular regard to the provisions on minimum security measures. The Parties also declare that they have mutually exchanged the information provided for by art. 13 (Information) of the Code, as well as to be aware of the rights granted to them pursuant to art. 7 (Right of access to personal data and other rights) same Text.
The Customer declares to have read and expressly approve for the purposes of Articles. 1341-1342 of the Civil Code  the provisions of this document

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
This contract is governed by Italian law. Any dispute relating to the same will be devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Reggio Emilia (Italy), without prejudice to the seller’s right to act at the court competent in the territory where the Customer will be located at the time of any dispute.

Trapani 24/07/2021

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