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Pixel Mania is a web agency that deals with the graphic creation of websites as well as the hosting of its customers’ sites. We have been operating in the web field for over 10 years always discovering news, proposing new  ideas, committing ourselves with professionalism and dedication. We develop a variety of necessary ideas for the originality of a website, in order to represent the image of the company to the most suitable, easy to use, informative and functional measure. Our commitment is mainly focused on quality, service and support. Our web agency is professional, everything is taken care of even the smallest detail. We proudly develop sites that involve the user in a pleasant reading of the contents, surrounded by graphics that will excite. The experience allows us to follow all the creative phases for the development of the website for your company, designing it ad hoc. Our web agency  as a partner  accompanies the customer during the development processes. We study and implement with meticulousness, the best innovative and reliable solutions, in favor of the business and the image of the company. We create websites optimized for search engines  with the application of SEO, restyling ofexisting sites, web graphics, sites that can be modified from  your  computer, web portals and applications. We deal with digital graphics for printed paper, sale and management of CERTIFIED PEC e-mail boxes.

In 2019 the idea of riponline.it by the owner Roberto Peria was born. A website that collects the  main memories of the deceased person  you  want to let live in virtual, you want to share  with relatives, friends and acquaintances. An indelible memory of what was the now extinct loved one,to browse and see simply with your smartphone by scanning a QR code applied on the tombstone of the deceased. We want to propose this innovative idea to all those who want to leave a memory of what was their loved one at a price that is all in all affordable.

Consulting the site riponline.it you will realize the ease of use and speed of learning, with the simple scanning of a QR code, something that now all new generation mobile phones (even the cheapest) can do, we surf through the memories of our beloved.


for passion!

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